bruschetta-con-scamorza: Italian bruschetta with scamorza cheese
Italian bruschetta with Scamorza cheese. (recipe)


Scamorza is a spun cheese, made from cow's milk, the only worthy substitute for mozzarella when making pizza or panzerotto.

Although made without preservatives our vacuum packaging makes it suitable for storing in the refrigerator (sealed) for up to 30 days.

Scamorza is best eaten at room temperature on a slice of bread, or for a more intense flavour: reheat it for about ten seconds in the microwave.
Better still, in a conventional oven, after a few minutes, the bread becomes crisp and golden and the scamorza (plain or smoked) begins to melt.

For additional flavours, you can always add a pinch of oregano or a mix of herbs, pepper and salt.

Smoked Scamorza

We recommend to try our smoked scamorza (scamorza affumicata). It's wonderful on pizza and if you like different flavours- you can add salmon, ham or even better, speck (bacon).

Plain scomorza is perfect for baked pasta dishes, stuffed eggplant and in panzerotto, wrapped in a slice of ham or speck (bacon) and then melted in a terracotta dish in the oven and served as a hot appetizer or main dish.

It can also be an ideal condiment for plain rice: just put the dish in the microwave for about ten seconds at full power thereby allowing the cheese to melt slightly.